What purpose Teacher Assessment?

Ramblings of a Teacher

How many schools have spent the last couple of years telling the DfE that designing a new assessment system from scratch isn’t as easy as it looks? Now it seems we’ve reached the time where we can say:

We told you so!

For in all the rush and difficulty of trying to put together a teacher assessment approach, one can’t help but wonder whether the DfE have forgotten altogether what the point of it was! When I look at the new exemplification of the interim assessment framework (there’s that wretched interim word again), it doesn’t strike me that the current incarnation is any good for anything.

After all, what purpose might summative assessment judgements serve?

To inform parents?

Just hopeless. While the objective-level information might be of some interest, schools are much better equipped to provide information about pupils’ progress and attainment based on their on-going assessments. The simplistic category decision based on…

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