Teaching Structure for the new English GCSEs

Very clear exploration, especially useful for those on AQA. Thanks Mark

Mark Roberts Teach

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while. I spent most of Year 11 gained time in the summer thinking about structure. Then creating a monster Powerpoint and resources booklet on analysing structure. I was going to write a blog then but Chris Curtis (@Xris32) knocked out a typically sensible, clever and detailed post all about structure here.

Naturally, I enjoyed it reading Chris’s blog and liked the deceptively simple idea of structure being mainly about introducing character, spotting patterns and noting the character’s journey within the extract. He deliberately avoids fancy terminology but I’m a big fan of ‘obscure Greek’ stuff so my ‘blinged-up’ approach will definitely include ‘analepsis’ and ‘anagnorosis’ alongside the more prosaic ‘narrative time’.

Firstly, though, why does structure fill some teachers of KS3 and KS4 English with feelings of dread? The answer is pretty simple I think: apart from A level literature, we have mostly skirted around the…

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